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 cow type selection

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PostSubject: Re: cow type selection   Wed Feb 13, 2013 3:17 pm

OK, so our cows either graze cornstalks or get fed very low quality hay in the winter. Neither is very digestible, and we're not feeding much (if any) protein, so it would seem that their rumens must be fairly large to be able to digest all that crap and stay in such good shape. I sorta wonder if that leads to excess consumption of good quality grass in the summer? I've had neighbors comment on how fat our cows are, and it sure isn't because we are feeding them anything good. My first thought is that a cow with lots of capacity in relation to her body size is a good thing, since she maybe doesn't require as much easily-digestible forages to maintain body condition, and can put on fat in the good times to be burned in the winter. Right or wrong?
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PostSubject: Re: cow type selection   Wed Feb 13, 2013 6:29 pm

the research says the heavy milking cow has higher maintenance requirements even when that balance must be weighed in as well...weaning 30 days earlier than we did 15 years ago , and no longer overstocking summer pasture matters plenty too...
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Bob H

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PostSubject: Re: cow type selection   Wed Feb 13, 2013 6:45 pm

It has been my observation that cattle will expand their belly's when on lower quality feed buy simply eating more to try to maintain. One point in this observation is that fat cattle when they are starting to get finished will have less belly and a higher yeild. The same goes for slaughter cows if they are on low quality feed they will yeild in the low 40s and if you feed them high quality feed for 70 to a 100 days you can raise that yeild into the low to mid 50s.

I too like deep ribbed cattle. Larry once told me that a cow has to bigger around the middle than anywhere else and I would tend to agree. If a fellow will look at the oldest cows in his herd he will see what stays and remember what the ones that leave look like . Then go to where you get your seedstock and see if those cows look like your older cows you should not be to dissapointed if they are geneticly bred for that phenotype. The huge key is if they are geneticly bred to be that type and not just sorted. Bob H
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PostSubject: Re: cow type selection   

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cow type selection
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