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 A time for introductions or re-introductions

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PostSubject: A time for introductions or re-introductions   Sat Sep 25, 2010 2:43 pm

Being as there is no forum for this, here it is anyway, my side of a private conversation, giving a view into the enigma that is me. Here with a fresh start, just letting you fine folks in on my flaws and such, Mike if it is improper or not what you desire, you will find no ill will from me.

How we perceive ourselves, perception by others, a fickle thing.....not something I worry with much, but easily misconstrued with the written word,,,,no quick response, tone of voice, facial expression.....leaving interpretation to the reader and their mood or prejudice. This is what gets us in trouble here sometimes, and why I made reference to my own issues, of multiple personalities.....rather hard to see the tongue in cheek on a message board...or the smirk and gleam of the eye.

I tend to need to speak in, metaphor, fable, history....a story to get my point across, rather easy in person....... wears my fingers, and the readers out here.

So, here it is......Being a child born of the 70's, growing up in the 80's, and coming into manhood in the 90's, and not figuring out I knew a damn thing until about 2 years you a little more perception. Now my Dad, loved the game, in the 70's and thru and 80's, bought my first heifer in '88, from a cow we sold for the meaningless sum of 8800 dollars, it was a treat, won a lot of shows, had a lot of fun, learned a lot about people, human nature..... but not a durn thing about commercial profitability. The cow family is still here today, some from those that never left, some descendants of that worthless show heifer.....they are probably my best cows, by sheer chance.

Through all the years, the only reason the cowherd stayed descent, Dad sold those popular AI calves, when valuable, the cleanup bulls, though being of questionable pedigree, where usually pretty good kind of bulls......until about '90 or so, then stacking those bulls, the frame began creeping up. He also only AI'ed the best cows, or maybe sale cows......a recipe to destroy the good cow base, but it made him a living.

Somewhere along the way he tired of the game in the mid-'90's....leaving a boy in his late teens to make most of the breeding decisions....with some input. Of course I bought into the mainstream, EPD, ultrasound, proven sire, stacked pedigree, fiasco......all the while with my, Southern Rebel skeptism, flashing a big warning light. Now if I would have just, AI' ed the best, and kept using the good enough live bulls, I had running around, I could have delayed things much longer.....but I had to synch them, flush them, to turn those keep up with the GAME.

Somewhere along the way a few years ago, I knew it was not right, but hey, its the registered business......then the defects hit, enough for me to say the heck with it, start doing it MY WAY, ran across these misfits here, they were saying and doing what me and my Dad had been wanting to do for years.

If it cannot be paid for in commercial dollars, and put REAL money in my pocket...I do not care anymore....nor do I care if I ever sell another bull.....but I probably will.

Enough for now...... GRIND AWAY

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PostSubject: Re: A time for introductions or re-introductions   Sat Sep 25, 2010 3:07 pm

That is some deep reflections! I'm still trying to figure out what Im going to be when I grow up! Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: A time for introductions or re-introductions   Sat Sep 25, 2010 5:47 pm

Never worry about what I want this place to be; you, the posters, make it what you want it to be...I`ll respond in kind...all we gotta abide by is the one rule; and I`d say a man confessing his own sins committed upon himself fits within the boundries of the Golden Rule pretty well... Smile
now since I don`t type nearly as fast, let me just give you my early experiences that have brought me to this point in cattle breeding life with the title of another old song...."I`ve been everywhere, man"... Sad
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PostSubject: Re: A time for introductions or re-introductions   Sat Sep 25, 2010 8:30 pm

Just my version of who I am, an introduction, hopefully a lead in for others to tell their story, names are of little consequence, but their story should be heard, to give us all a little perspective on how they learned.

I lurked around these boards for a good while, reading all, gaining insight on who I thought people were, and was scared to death to give Mr. Keeney a call, a miscinterpretation of his when I read his conflicts, I can't help but laugh....hearing his words in that soft Kentucky accent makes him much less the boogy man.

Before you feel to bad about your typing Mike, that was a cut and paste from a piece of previous conversation, a feat of epic proportions for me. rabbit cheers I'll go ahead and give myself a bucktooth-cheers.

Life is Good

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PostSubject: Re: A time for introductions or re-introductions   

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A time for introductions or re-introductions
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