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 Winter 2011-2012

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PostSubject: Winter 2011-2012   Tue Aug 09, 2011 5:52 pm

The first early winter forecast I've seen.. Predicting another La Nina winter altho a lot weaker one...At least my area (NE MT) is in the normal area and not the heavy snow area which they show going around us in the pattern...

I sure hope they are right with their normal winter prediction for here - and wouldn't even mind a real "mild" normal....
At least not the first snow in Sept like last year...

These folks were about right on for our area last year with their early predictions for a strong La Nina and tough winter....Altho I think they surprised even themselves with our record breaking winter from Hell...

Some of the old wheat farmers are predicting a tough winter- their reasoning being "so many turtles on the roads"...Now that is a new one to me!!! Shocked Question

90 Days past the fog indicates we should get a major moisture event around Nov 4th (right when everyone is working cattle/shipping calves)...
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Winter 2011-2012
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