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 Change Of Programs

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PostSubject: Change Of Programs   Thu Jul 07, 2011 2:40 pm

DV, I want to thank you for the insight and help you provide on KC. Your discussion on feet is outstanding.
We were doing some cleaning recently and came across Feb. 25 , 1994 edition of Angus News. One of full page ads was by an outfit known as Horse Butte Ranch which "Presents the right breeding for the times ahead..." Featured sires included GDAR Tracer, CH 054, VDAR Rito 953 and HA Emulation 1111. You may have done this already and if so I apologize, but wonder if you would share with us how you progressed from the program you had in 1994 to where you are today. I would really be interested in what specifically resulted in your change of perspective and how you made the transition and looking back what can we all do as purebred breeders to help the commercial producer and be better cattlemen.
Thanks for your help. Jim
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Change Of Programs
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