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 Explain The Difference in Search for Longetivity

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Mark Day

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PostSubject: Explain The Difference in Search for Longetivity   Sun Oct 03, 2010 8:14 am

Maybe I am reading in to this too much but and I don't doubt what we think we are seeing but.... if the crossbred cow can exhibit improved longetivity but yet has improved fertility and cycles sooner why are we thinking that maybe the full bloods that mature later have improved longetivity and the early maturing ones have decreased longetivity. Are these later maturing still starting to cycle early enough or is it delayed some too? It seems to me there could be a conflict here or some other factors at work.
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PostSubject: Re: Explain The Difference in Search for Longetivity   Sun Oct 03, 2010 3:53 pm

If you breed heifers to calve at 2 YO and you cull late calvers, then you eliminate the problem.
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Explain The Difference in Search for Longetivity
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