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 Becoming a breeder

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PostSubject: Becoming a breeder   Sat Feb 26, 2011 5:53 pm

I admit I was reading some nonsense on the cattlemen's comedy channel just to relieve a little of long winter's stress. Actually I have been reading some of the stuff since the "6 years to a great cowherd proclamation". Today pointing out dissapointment in some purchased cattle. Every once in a while we get some one dumping on several purchased individual animals and quite often those cattle come from herds and breeders we respect. Today the though occured to me that this "trashing" phenomena involves folks who have limited experiences with their own cattle and quite often cattle in general. If some one has produced cattle any length of time their own breeding failures and dissapointments should be the significant thing. The last month or so of Ken Walker and 4.9erBarY has proved to me how slow I am but I have never have trouble recognizing my own flops . As for HONESTY AND HUMBLE OPINIONS I would hope to deal with people that are at least trying to be honest with themselves. Discussions between those who advocate for too little production and those stuck believing in too much production just serve to highlight the commercial mans dilema of sorting through all the crap.
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Tom D

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PostSubject: Re: Becoming a breeder   Sat Feb 26, 2011 6:10 pm

"It's Okay to lie, but never lie to yourself, because you'll f___ up your instrument"

Quote from my Communications 101 Prof. on the first day of class. Forty jaws hit the floor simultaneously, but it stuck with me. The worst kind of liar is the one that lies to himself. IMHO.
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PostSubject: Re: Becoming a breeder   Sat Feb 26, 2011 7:18 pm

hmmm...good points, but the liars to themselves without hestitation surely make the best promoters ?
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PostSubject: Re: Becoming a breeder   Sat Feb 26, 2011 9:39 pm

Sortin' crap, your gonna have to stay out them pig pens Mr. Hickory, takes me three days to sort all the funk off me every time I ride by. I thought I would go see a performance at the PrepBarH this mornin', man alive if that ain't a sore arsed bunch of folks as I ever seen, Johnny Cash was suppossed to show up, but all we got to hear was a Boy Named Sue, needle must have stuck in a rut, it just keeps playin' the same wore out tune, over and over. Could'nt find my key to get past the gate, probably a good thing as my sqauw would have kicked me out her lodge, havin' that phosphuric glow on me and all. Man needs to have sore knuckles from time to time, to stay sane, a good old fashioned brawl would surely be theurapeautic up there.. .

Ol' Horse Meat came in to appease the crowd, with a dazzling rendition of stand up, while the stage crew changed the props and the crowd throwed 'maters at the stage, ran out of them, just started throwin' some of your sortin's left behind, Hickory. At that point I got out my Sharps and took cover in patch of locusts, wipin' the tears of laughter from my eyes. Dang it there wasnt ol' Zacheeus settin' in the top of them locusts, takin' inventory, dropped his war bag full of notices right in my lap, I got bigger troubles now as the collectors are after me, ya'll will have to fight counsel on your own. Convinced him an audit would not be in order, but it is the straight and narrow for me, from here on out, this laughin' and such, is uncalled for in this line of work, after all, you ever seen a cow laugh, I thought I did one time, when my Dad tripped over that frozen turd, but I am now convinced this bovine stuff, is altogether serious business. That injun fellar that stopped in, they did not care for him either, seems cultural diversity, is right there laughter, bad stuff, all he wanted to know was How.

Well, I just going to sit here tonight and not smile, or laugh, so as then I can truly be happy, and accepted, and fit in.......sure is hard to do in this business with all the games being played though, but I surely will endeavor to persevere.

Ya'll Have a Somber Night

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PostSubject: Re: Becoming a breeder   Sun Feb 27, 2011 3:17 pm

Bootheel, You have a new career blooming big time. Should be getting some extra traffic today as the old encampment is out of order because they hate humor over there, I'm giving up on that approach for now. You hit them on the place in the river where the big cottonwood trees mark the crossing in the river, Tom D will be near there. I'll be trailing tracks.
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PostSubject: Re: Becoming a breeder   

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Becoming a breeder
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