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 The future of agriculture in the US

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PostSubject: The future of agriculture in the US   Wed Feb 23, 2011 8:30 am

Prop B (dogs) is a ballot initiative that passed in MO with 51% voting for it. The only counties that passed it were the areas with Kansas City and St. Louis, where only 15% of the people turned out to vote. The rural counties failed it with 50-60% of the voter turnout. The bottom line is that emotiional agriculture issues can be addressed by groups such as HSUS by making sure the urban voters turn out.

Currently Prop B is being addressed by the MO state legislature. Several changes are being proposed to make it more workable and not eliminate good dog breeders. It is not be repealled, only ammended to protect good dog breeders and address the bad dog breeders as was the supposed intention of Prop B.

Supporters of Prop B have not been interested in negotiations as they know the voters have spoken, so are in the drivers seat. If Prop B stands as is, it may embolden HSUS and others to attack other agriculture sectors such as swine, poultry and dairy (although they claimed they have no intention of eliminating animal agriculture). If Prop B is ammended, the supporters may not attack within the next 2 yrs (general election year with 45% urban voter turnout).

Let's assume this occurs. The large poultry and swine operations determine it is easier to move to another country and ship products to the US. Shortly thereafter, the dairy industry leaves the US for the Pampas of Argentina and ships milk to the US. The last animal agriculture sectors left are grass-finished beef (feedlots would be outlawed), pasture pork, sheep, goat, free-range chickens and grass-based dairies.

Is this scenario a possibility? Is it possible in 30 years, only grass-based and finishing operations are left in this country and the US would be possibly importing meat from other countries?
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PostSubject: Re: The future of agriculture in the US   Wed Feb 23, 2011 2:41 pm

Export the grain -- import the meat. Sounds about right, I'm sure the majority will give us what they deserve. I guess it will come down to how hungry they are, as to how they vote. Unless it hurts they are going to keep on this path.
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The future of agriculture in the US
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