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 should we?

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Mean Spirit

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PostSubject: Re: should we?    Wed Nov 25, 2015 9:08 am

People need to remember that you can't change cows without changing them.
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PostSubject: Re: should we?    Wed Nov 25, 2015 9:49 am

RobertMac wrote:
Wouldn't a type that fits an environment be a breed?

If they were stable and can be replicated. Then you would need an office, ad budget, paper and printer and a CEO. Most important is the ad budget to get name recognition.

The generic food in the grocery store and the generic cigarettes that made blue-green smoke and smelled like paper burning with a little coal dust added in are always cheaper and consider cheaper because they are "generic". Generic = cheap. That concept has been successfully marketed.

Repeated for emphasis; Generic = cheap. That concept has been successfully marketed.

Store brand foods and products roll in next to the bottom prices because you have to assume that they were tougher green beans, had a few worms or worm holes in the turnip green leaves, the paper towels are made from recycled toilet paper or the canned meat was from a cow that had gangrene but only in one leg so that she could still walk a little bit every Thursday.

So, to sell to either the unknowing, the gullible, your cousin who is two years younger and thinks that you were great ball player before age and weight took over you need to promote something. This requires you paying for your own promotion. Your name, your plan, your cattle, your sheep, your dream, your breed or be a part of something that has market recognition. Otherwise you will sell little or nothing to nobody.

Too many think that Angus means X when we all know that Angus means A to Z. Same for any breed. So what do little folks in the big pond do? They either try to play along with the charade that all Herefords are Herefords, all Longhorns are Longhorns and on down that road or they try to tell their story. To gain enough market share each herd and independent breeder has to do enough to locate enough folks to buy what you produce for something other than hamburger prices. Or you can lie that all small cattle are great, skim money from breeders and use that money for advertising and personal lifestyle enhancement.

Funny that the Disadvantaged posters are trying to define a highly valuable type of cattle that will be all steak and some that will be worth nothing as hamburger. Most cattle sell as hamburger in part if you tell the truth and it will take smoke and mirrors and a lot more check off dollars to make folks pay more for CAB hamburger just because. Unless the Disadvantaged power posters over there can scam checkoff dollars, can keep fooling themselves about their own cattle, own a packing plant, a transfer truck and a refrigerated meat case they are merely flapping their lips. Hint: they are only flapping their lips.
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should we?
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